Why It’s Okay To Fail, Again And Again

In modern society we’re brought up to look down at failure, as if it’s something that should be avoided at all costs. When you see celebrities make mistakes, the media is quick to jump on the latest “scandal” and publish it on every single magazine.  In school we’re raised to believe that failing is not accceptable and bad grades means you’re stupid or retarded.

It’s unfortunate that society views failure in a negative manner and is set up only to reward success and winners.

This is far from the truth as every wealthy and successful person will tell you that they’re only where they’re at because they failed their way to the top!

It all comes down to perspective – successful people don’t look at mistakes as a negative experience, but rather as a lesson.

Because failure is looked down upon by most of society, this is what holds people back from their true potential – especially in entrepreneurship. They’re scared to take risks because they don’t want to make mistakes, “stuff it up”, or be ridiculed.

People learn the most when they fail because if you’re constantly winning and doing things right, what do you have to learn and grow against?

Did you know it took Thomas Edison 1,000 unsuccessful attempts to create the light bulb?

Or how about that KFC’s Colonel Sanders was turned down 900 times before his fried chicken recipe was accepted? Imagine if he had stopped at the first.. or the 899th time!

In reality failure is an essential step to the path of success. If we want to be successful we have to be prepared to fail.

So here’s my advice for today: Next time you face a situation where you’ve done something wrong or you’ve made a mistake, don’t consider it as a failure. Consider it as FEEDBACK, a valuable life lesson where you can learn and get better.

Celebrate failure FEEDBACK and embrace it!

What’s your experience on failures?

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