The Big Lie Of Formal Education

Many of us are brought up to believe that if we go to school and get a good formal education, we’re guaranteed with a high-paying, secure JOB.

Now this was definitely the case back in the 70s. During that time my mentor who worked with General Electrics not only was able to get a job straight out of college, but he had a plethora of quality jobs to choose from.

However these days, especially with the state of our economy and our recent GFC, this is just not true. I personally know of many graduates, accountants and engineers who are struggling because of high competition in their respective industries, market saturation and the rise of technology making certain industries redundant.

It’s sad that so many students still believe that if they complete their degree, they’re going to be alright and they’re going to have a good living. This is a LIE. This is a huge LIE of the formal education system.

Human information used to double every 100 years.. now it doubles every 2 years.

Isn’t that crazy?! And this rate is just going to keep growing faster and faster.

What does this mean?

This means that by the time a student has finished their 4 year degree, human information has already doubled at least TWICE during that time… rendering what they’ve learnt as IRRELEVANT.

The Big Lie Of Formal Education

In today’s new world, self-education is a key skill which unfortunately, many lack because the formal education system teaches us what to learn, but not how to learn.

Now I’m not completely disregarding formal education because it does set the solid foundation for us… However learning about life begins outside of this and it’s this continuous self-education that is vital for humans to adapt to the forever-changing world.

It’s the social skills and traits that will set you apart from the competition. It’s what you learn as you go through life, what you choose to invest in yourself, what you experience everyday – successes and failures.

Self-education is where you can truly go beyond what the limited formal education offers, continue growing into a better person and importantly, achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Like Jim Rohn quotes, “Formal education will make you a living, but self education will make you a fortune”, doing the things outside that of a college degree is what will ultimately make you wealthy.

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