How To Deal With The Fear Of Rejection

Do you fear speaking to people about your biz opp, product or service because of the fear of OBJECTION? Do you fear that anxiety that comes from being REJECTED and not knowing what to say?

Did you know that there’s actually a way to change this so you don’t get rejected? 

It all comes down to changing the way you think and communicate with people because this determines how they’ll respond to you.

Before I go on though… let’s distinguish the two types of rejection.

  1. The one where they look at you with that “You’ve gotta be kidding me” face or straight out say “I’m not interested”
  2. The one where they take the time to look at what you have to offer but conclude that it genuinely doesn’t suit their needs

Any of these situations sound familiar? You can probably tell that the second type, whilst disappointing, is not the one that hurts as bad as the first (the one we’ll be handling today).

Luckily, you can actually eliminate any anxiety of rejection before or while talking to someone simply by understanding how to talk in a certain way and knowing WHAT to say.

The Cause Of Rejection

The number one reason that causes rejections and objections is presenting offers too early. Humans are self-centred by nature. and people are motivated by their own reasons and personal interests. They don’t like being “persuaded to do things” or told what to do – even if they asked you in the first place!

Because of this, we usually prefer learning and understanding things ourselves before taking action.

So What Does This Mean For You?

This means that even if you present your offer, with all of its mighty features and benefits, it’s means nothing because your offer is not a “one size fit all”.

Your customer is UNIQUE in everything they see, hear and feel… even if two people might have the same problem, they’ll each have their own reasons for wanting to solve it.

Truth is, if you approach your leads thinking your offer is the “one size fit all”… you’ll naturally be rejected. If you begin conversations by overpowering people and coming up with your solutions too soon, they’ll put up their guards against you and your words will instantly be useless.

The Solution

By asking the right questions and creating engaging conversations, help people realize what they know, what they don’t know and what they want by allowing them to come to their own conclusions.

This is powerful because this enables them to listen and feel their own responses, thereby strenghtening their motivations to do something about it (that is, in the form of your product/service/biz opp!)

Essentially… you’re persuading people who have already persuaded themslves 😉 See how effective this strategy is?

So to sum it up: It doesn’t matter how much you believe your offer will help them, it all depends on what THEY think.

Ask questions that pique your leads desires and listen to their responses… You’ll soon get enough information to know when to present your offer without being rejected 🙂

How have you handled rejection or the fear of rejection in the past? Let me know in the comments below, and if you found this post valuable please share it using the buttons to the left – I appreciate you.

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