Creating Your Vision Statement For Entrepreneurial Success

The road to entrepreneurship is both rewarding and challenging. Ask any successful entrepreneur and they’ll tell you that they faced many obstacles and setbacks during their road to success. And while these are always opportnities for you to grow, change and improve, sometimes it’s pretty difficult to persevere when you’re spirit is burnt.

Feelings of doubt, worry and discouragement are normal.

What determines your success is how you respond to these situations and move forward from them. This is where your VISION comes into the picture.

To be successful, all entrepreneurs need a compelling vision of their lives – this is the mirage in your mind that you want manifested in your outer world.

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The vision is the expression of a much wished for future, that is better than what exists now or of what is projected to subsist in the future.

When written well, a vision statement is powerful enough to motivate you to do whatever it takes yo achieve it. In essence, the vision acts as a force within you to drive you to take action.

So how do you create your vision statement?

It’s really very simple and can be done in just under 30 minutes. First place yourself in an environment free from distractions and grab yourself a pen and paper. Write down a paragraph in first person answering these questions:

Who do you want to be?
What gives your life purpose and meaning?
What do you want to give, create, be, feel and share?
How do you achieve your mission?
What are your values?
What legacy would you like to leave behind?
There’s no right or wrong way to write a vision, you’re writing something that excites YOU and only YOU.

Here’s a few sentences to get you going: My personal vision is to be a leader in my home business and…. Iā€™m committed to learning everyday…. I believe…. I envision a world with…ā€

When it comes to writing, be honest with yourself. Think of what you want and why you want these things. Get creative and don’t limit yourself to the tangible things.

Okay I’ve written my vision statement, now what?

Pin your statement somewhere you’ll see everyday and read it out loud every morning. This is a method of positive self-talk that will strengthen your image and focus. If you ever find yourself facing a tough decision or situation, visit your statement again to ensure your actions moving forward align with your vision.

A vision statement allows you to see beyond your present condition and build your passion and conviction that won’t be broken regardless of obstacles. Over time, as you take more actions towards realizing this vision, more parts of it will come true until one day you’ll see yourself living your vision.

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