The 5 Books Every Online Entrepreneur Should Read

The saying by François Mauria ‘Tell me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are’ is true enough, but I’d know you better if you told me what you reread.” could not be any more true. You are what you read and here are my top 7 picks on what you should be reading […]

Creating Your Vision Statement For Entrepreneurial Success

The road to entrepreneurship is both rewarding and challenging. Ask any successful entrepreneur and they’ll tell you that they faced many obstacles and setbacks during their road to success. And while these are always opportnities for you to grow, change and improve, sometimes it’s pretty difficult to persevere when you’re spirit is burnt. Feelings of […]

The Big Lie Of Formal Education

Many of us are brought up to believe that if we go to school and get a good formal education, we’re guaranteed with a high-paying, secure JOB. Now this was definitely the case back in the 70s. During that time my mentor who worked with General Electrics not only was able to get a job straight […]

How To Deal With The Fear Of Rejection

Do you fear speaking to people about your biz opp, product or service because of the fear of OBJECTION? Do you fear that anxiety that comes from being REJECTED and not knowing what to say? Did you know that there’s actually a way to change this so you don’t get rejected?  It all comes down […]

Why It’s Okay To Fail, Again And Again

In modern society we’re brought up to look down at failure, as if it’s something that should be avoided at all costs. When you see celebrities make mistakes, the media is quick to jump on the latest “scandal” and publish it on every single magazine.  In school we’re raised to believe that failing is not accceptable and […]